Animal Farm By George Orwell: The Russian Revolution

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INTRODUCTION The novel animal farm is a fictional story written based on true events by George Orwell. George Orwell creates the book, Animal Farm as an analogy based on the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution began in 1917 and was a brutal and explosive political occurrence. The novel follows the events of the Russian Revolution and displays a simple story of animals on a farm that reveals a much deeper and complex time of history. Orwell gives the animals’ human like qualities, which allows for a connection to occur between the real life event of the Russian Revolution and the revolution of the farm animals. What seems like a couples of pigs on a farm feuding is really a comparison of the battle between Joseph Stalin and Leon…show more content…
Animal Farm was a literary comparison of the Revolution, Orwell used the book to mimic the Revolution. He uses farm animals as an analogy of the people involved in the revolution at that time. The farm in the book is originally called Manor Farm, which is run by Mr. Jones. The animals on the farm includes: donkey, rabbit, goat, sheep, hen, cows, cats, pigs and horses. Mr. Jones and the workers of animal farm began to become neglectful towards the animals and the animals decided to start a revolution against Mr. Jones. Eventually, the farm animals came together in a meeting led by Old Major, a pig from the farm. They meet together in the barn and Old Major explains his desire to end the human control over animals and the corruption caused by humans. Shortly after this discussion and meeting, Old Major passes away but leaves behind his ideas which are carried out through the other animals. The idea of animalism occurs and the pigs, Snowball and Napoleon take lead of the revolution. It comes to a point where Mr. Jones forgets to nurture and feed his farm animals and the animals start to become angry and decide to begin the revolt. The animals attacked and ran Mr. Jones off the farm and the animals took over the farm under a new name, “Animal Farm”. Along with a new name the pigs instill certain new changes, such as, “The Seven Commandments”, and a song, ”The Beasts of England”. The Seven Commandments contained rules listed in the barn for all the animals to read. The revolution was going smoothly and the animals were loving it, they received an abundance of food and
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