The Russian Revolutions In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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The novel Animal Farm is a book about talking animals. It is about a revolution of Animals against their oppressors, being the humans. It is about much more than talking animals, and a simple plot description about animals on a farm does not do it justice. Part of the beauty Animal Farm is the vast number of levels it can be broken down into. Firstly, Some of the most realistic things about Animal Farm are the uncanny semblances many characters bear to many figureheads and such in the Russian revolution. Manor Farm and Russia are both the settings for the revolutions, and Karl Marx and Old Major both provide the inspiration for the revolutions while neither actually lived to see them happen. Moses the raven can be likened to the Russian Orthodox Church as they both disappeared during the beginning of the rebellion and later reappeared to spread propaganda. Mollie and the bourgeoisie prefer luxuries, Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas II are leaders when the revolutions occur, Boxer the horse and the Proletariat play a major role in the revolutions as they both work very hard, and Benjamin the donkey is not directly involved in the rebellion but is aware of it as George Orwell was. Napoleon the pig is like Stalin in that they both drive the revolutions only to later become dictators. Snowball the pig and Trotsky both are driven out by Napoleon/Stalin and later made scapegoats. Squealer and Minimus the pig are like the media because both control the information given to the
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