The Rwanda Genocide

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One of the many tragic cases of human history is the Rwandan Genocide. It truly presents the corruptness of human nature and how strong one could hate another being. Rwanda is currently still slowly healing from this massive wound that its own people did to it. This grief event impacted other places or organizations other than Rwanda, such as the United Nations. The Rwanda Genocide not only impacted the world externally in causing damage to the country Rwanda, it also impacted the world; the reputation of the United Nations, the relationship between the two major groups of people in Rwanda and the entire perspective of the world for what is possible for humans to do.
The United Nations name and reputation of peace are now stained because of
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The history of Hutus and Tutsis go back to the time when they first got colonized by the French. No one really knows how and why Hutus and Tutsis came to be but they hypothesized that Hutus worked in with cattle and Tutsis worked in agricultural fields. Slowly the Tutsis came into power and ruled Rwanda; this pulled the separation and difference of the two groups apart because of social class differences. The Hutus soon grew hatred towards the Tutsis and started the civil wars which lead to the genocide.
The life of the Tutsis during the time turned for the worse after several years of fights that broke out between Rwanda and neighboring countries. After the Rwanda Genocide, the Hutus escaped to the Congo and never came back; the remaining Tutsis started from scraps of the old and had to build a society without the Hutus. The gap/relationship between the two major groups in Rwanda finally cracked and will most probably never be fixed. The actions illustrated in the genocide changed the minds of the young and wise throughout the world, scaring their memories for a period of
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On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was created to prevent any wars from occurring again after the World Wars. The countries signed a contract to maintain peace and start the “peacekeeper” system. This made the world a safer place until the Rwanda Genocide. During the time of the genocide, the UN almost ignored the situation completely. The UN sent in their Peacekeepers to ensure the safety of American citizens who are in Rwanda and bring them to a sanctuary. Although the Tutsis were begging to be sent to the sanctuary as well, the peacekeepers were only allowed to save the Caucasian people or people who looked Caucasian. This made many shake their heads in disbelief that the United Nations actually ordered that to
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