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The SAT test or Scholastic Aptitude Test (qualifying test for applicants) - the test, inspiring fear and terror to all who goes to college or university. Despite all the myths and horror stories about this exam, if you prepare yourself well enough mentally and psychologically, you will be able to receive a good score on the SAT. Not too difficult (as it may seem at first glance) to calm down, to pull oneself together and make sure that all the necessary information for the test on the day of the exam is in your head.
Firstly, about the SAT: it is a test owned and managed by the College Board that allows the heads of higher education institutions to assess the knowledge of the applicant in their university. The structure of the SAT test consists
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To achieve the desired results, it is necessary to develop an effective training strategy. This means that training must necessarily consist of a study of the theory and practical training. Moreover, the preparation for the SAT is to be carried out by a careful study of each section, taking into account the peculiarities of its tasks and requirements.
In the Reading section, you need to demonstrate not only the ability to read and understand the meaning of the text. It is also necessary to show the richness of vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, in the process of preparing the student must read a variety of literature, increase their vocabulary and to study sentence structure, spelling, style, and other rules of the English language. This knowledge is advisable to check in practice, performing various exercises of the trial tests.
For the successful completion of this section you need to know the mathematical formulas and basic concepts of algebra, geometry, statistics and arithmetic, as well as be able to use them in solving various problems. And this requires good practice involving pilot tests. The writing section requires a more serious approach. To perform its tasks requires not only knowledge of grammar and spelling. Candidate must learn to logically express their thoughts in writing and structure the text
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One good way to prepare for the exam is to learn the test structure. The questions are constructed in order by difficulty, so easy questions will be first. Try to answer them quickly as possible, so you could have extra-time for hard questions, and also check your answers. Nowadays people can find access to the SAT material in the different sources: in the Internet, books.
Second tip: after learning the material of the test you should practice a lot. It is difficult to pass the test with good scores on your first try. Try to practice in places as close as possible to the real test taking place, for example, in the library. This will allow you to prepare for the other side of the exam- the need to concentrate for more than 3 hours in an uncomfortable environment.
Third tip: set a certain time for yourself for your studies. Preparing for the test for about two hours a day for 2-3 months is a reasonable approach. Spread your time between mathematics, vocabulary and grammar. To fully explore each section you will need the help of additional materials for the SAT test. There are many different support materials testing; books and case studies that can be found. One of the best websites I would recommend is the This is a very helpful website where you can find the link to the SAT, where the founder of the Khan Academy, Salman Khan, will explain the details of each section. Also you can practice on this webpage too: it has similar
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