The SWOT Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Do a self-review before you invest You have to ask yourself very hard questions, like can you follow a system and its rules? Are you a team player? Can you learn new skills? Can you handle stress? Do you work well with people? Are you self-reliant and do you have the drive to succeed? Do you understand outstanding customer service? This is some questions you must answer brutally true before investing in a franchise. Everything is not going to be in the franchise agreement. In the time that comes with franchising the operating manual is going to change, management will change, and people will change. The other franchisees in the same system as you understand outstanding customer service and they are relying upon you to understand that. Management…show more content…
The Company operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants, which serve a locally-relevant menu of quality food and drinks sold at various affordable price points in more than 100 countries. McDonalds is also the second largest restaurant network. Strengths- The Strengths of McDonald’s are big numbers of restaurants and its marketing success. McDonald’s have 36,899 restaurants in 120 countries and McDonalds most successful promotions ever is with DreamWorks Shrek the third. I would say the brand name of McDonalds are their biggest strengths. It is one of the strongest brand names in the world in competing with Subway, Starbucks and KFC when it comes to brand…show more content…
An assessment uses immediate entry modes of franchising, external factors, selection of the brand for the franchisee, in this case I have talked about many different brands from the Norwegian retail store to one of the biggest fast food chains McDonald’s and their ability of franchising. In recent years McDonalds has taken a lot of market in the fast food business. The result of this is that other fast food chains get a competitor. Huawei goes out to be number two in the world when it comes to the fast food market considering locations they have around the world. Due to their constant involved in the development of new fast food chains using franchising. In this business world we live in today it is very important to be part of the brand development. This allows companies to maintain their position as a market leader and find other solutions that can be better and more efficient. In this case I have gone deep in to the franchising world where many companies are constantly working and developing franchising as a method to get in to new countries and regions. Franchising can give a franchisor the opportunity to become local in new places where they use the franchisee as an entry

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