The Sacree Tribe Short Story

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In the plains of Alberta, lived the Sacree tribe. In that tribe, lived a girl. Her name was River because of the crystal-clear river running through the village. She was fifteen years old and had long strands of wavy, black hair that reached down to her waist.
One day, the chief announced to the tribe that they were moving to Bison Island. Everybody loaded supplies into the carts and went on their horses.
After a month, they finally got there. River was so exhausted. She flopped down on the soft grass and fell asleep.
The next day, Chief started counting all the carts to make sure they were all there. Since River was sharing the same cart as her father, the chief didn’t count it, and announced they would go a bit farther to reach the place
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What’s your name? Are you lost?”
“Yes, my tribe left without me.”
“I can help you search for them. Come on, we going to see one of my friends.”
River followed Shadow to a big hill. He walked right up beside a caribou.
“Meet my friend Pine, the caribou.”
Pine slowly raised his head and grunted.
Shadow explained to Pine what happened to River, and Pine agreed to help. Pine let River climb onto his back and said in a deep voice, “We should go to the north point of Bison Island because that’s where all the bison live.”
After a day of travelling, they finally got there. River was scratched. Then she heard soft drumming noises. “That’s it!” she shouted. “That’s my tribe!” She sprinted towards the lake and saw teepees in the distance.
“Dad, Dad! I’m over here!” she shouted. She ran over to him.
“Where were you?” he said.
“I got lost and my friends helped me to find you.” She pointed at Pine and Shadow.
The chief thanked Pine and Shadow and said that they could call whenever they needed help. Shadow bowed and Pine grunted. River hugged both of them and said goodbye, then went across the lake and disappeared into a teepee.
Moral: Friendship finds you wherever you
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