The Sahara Desert: The Desert Of Africa

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The Sahara Desert

The Sahara is a very well known desert, with biodiversities, different types of climates and many facts that are extraordinary. It is in the African continent and it takes a big part of it. It had many human huntings and it is also known a the Great Desert. The Sahara desert is the largest desert (non polar) in the world and years ago it was wetter than it is now. As mentioned the Sahara has a great biodiversity, means that there are many types of plants, animals and humans. It contains about five hundred different types of species "The flora of the central Sahara Desert is quite depauperate, and is estimated to include only 500 species", but the Sahara is immense so it is very low to the area. The plants that predominate the area are the xerophytes and the ephemeral that are also named achebe "It mainly consists of xerophytes and ephemeral plants (called also locally Acheb), with halophytes in moister areas." The plants are very moisturised and are extremely adapted to the conditions. The animas decreased a lot in the quantity of species, it is estimated 70 different species and only 20 are mammals. People believed that the Sahara inhabited about 600 years BCE, but there are people living there, most are nomads that change currently. The Sahara expands from the Red Sea and it goes until Ethiopia, it is measured 9,100,000km squared "From the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the greater Sahara stretches across Africa to the Red Sea

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