Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Research Paper

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The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Saint Valentines Day Massacre took place on February 14, 1929. Four unknown hitmen disguised as police officers walked into the notorious gangster, Bug Moran’s headquarters on North Clark Street in Chicago, Illinois. The four hitmen impersonating police officers acted like they were raiding Bug Moran’s warehouse where stored illegal liquor during the prohibition era. The hitmen lined Moran’s gang members against the wall in a firing squad execution manner. The hitman pulled out automatic tommy guns from under their coats and pumped lead into each of the seven North Side gang members. According to the police report about 200 bullets were scattered on the floor of the warehouse, making this event one of the bloodiest act of gang violence in the 20s. Out of the seven gang members killed, two of them were Moran’s best assassins Frank and Peter Gusenberg. There was only one survivor, Bug Moran. When Moran arrived at the warehouse he saw the four hitmen disguised as police officers enter the building. Expecting it was a raid he left the premises. When the Chicago
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With the lack of evidence left behind at the crime scene and the lack of technology in the 20s left the case unsolved. The Chicago Police Department was unable to pin the crime on their top suspect Al Capone. Even though Al Capone had a possible motive to kill the seven men there wasn’t enough evidence. Not only was they’re not enough evidence, Al Capone had a solid alibi stating that he was in Florida at the time the murder took place. The bullets were just not enough to pin Al Capones henchman or himself for the murder. Capone was never tried in court, but in response of the massacre Moran’s North Side gang fell apart while Capone monopolized his businesses in gambling, prostitution and liquor during the prohibition era. There were no more rivals in the way of his business. Capones long time rival was

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