The Salem Witch Trials: Time Between 1692 And 1693

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The Witch Trials By: Natalie Boggs The Salem Witch Trials were a time between 1692 and 1693. It all started when two young girls who lived in Salem, Massachusetts started having theses fits out of nowhere one minute they would perfectly behaved children then the next they would start having these fits. The girls had claimed somebody had bewitched them and that they were possessed by the Devil. Many historians believed that the strange behaviors could be from the Rye the people in Salem had been eating but what the people of Salem didn't know was that there was a deadly bacteria on the Rye that could have caused the girls fits. I know that from research that the Salem Witch Trials where a time that many people claimed to be possessed by the Devil and they accused innocent people of bewitching them. So since the people believed the rumors they would put people who were accused through trials to see if they were really witches. If you passed the tests you were considered a witch and you would be put through harsh punishments which basically was your death. If you failed the tests you were not a witch but you wouldn’t live because the tests you were put through either way you would die. For example on of the tests was if you floated while tied up in a river you were a witch so you were killed , if you sank while being tied up you weren’t a witch but you would of died from drowning.…show more content…
People believed that the Native Americans would practice worshiping the devil. That is why the Native American women was accused. The women didn't understand why she was accused. When people were accused they always fought to try to convince the judges that they were innocent. But the judges believed that if you said you were a witch you were free and could be safe, but if you tried fighting and saying you are innocent you would be put through tests and
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