The Salem Witch Trials: Tituba And Sarah Good

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The Salem Community Goes wrong The Salem Witch trials started in 1688. However witch trials started many years before. There were forty- to fifty-thousand people killed because of witchcraft, in a matter of 300 years. The main punishment for witchcraft was being hanged, others died in jail, or rocks were stacked on them till their chests collapsed. The Salem community consisted of five hundred individuals who were very pious. Witchcraft was considered a capital offense. The first to be accused of witchcraft was Tituba and Sarah Good. Tituba was the servant of Reverend Parris. The Salem accusations began in Reverend Parris’ kitchen. Tituba was bringing Sarah Good and the other young girls into the woods and telling them stories, and doing spells on them. When they were caught, paranoia occurred with the girls. Tituba admits that nine people, counting herself, had signed the …show more content…

People throughout the community were accused of witchcraft and put in prison, but not yet proven guilty. This later lead to four-year-old Dorcas, who was the youngest of them all, accused of witchcraft. If anyone chose to confess to witchcraft, it was in the hands of God to treat them. Giles Corey would not admit to witchcraft, so they tried to tangibly squeeze the truth out of him by placing heavy stones on his chest, which collapsed his chest. There were more women Hanged that there were men, there was misogyny towards the women. The ones who were convicted of Witchcraft were hanged, others died in jail. Later on the girls started vilifying the upper class people in the community, most likely because if those people were proven guilty, then their land would go to auction and the girls’ parents could buy it.The girls actions were unprecedented about what they felt and saw. After all this was settled, on January 16 1697 they all Elicited God for

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