The Same Sun Literary Analysis

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Humans come in a vast variety of ethnicities, appearances, and backgrounds. According to the author of “The Same Sun”, despite how diverse we all are; we live on this world, under the same sun. She believes that even though people are dissimilar, we are not so different as we think. The author perceives herself as more than her stereotypes and makes sense of our social world by becoming more aware of how our social world sees those who are mixed raced. The author of “The Same Sun” distinguishes herself as more than just her physical appearance. She mentions how “there is more than meets the eye” and how she is constantly called out for her mixed raced. The author describes how she is not her hair, her skin color, or ethnicity. She is “cunning,…show more content…
As a result of being very observant, she notices how people are quick to assume and are accustomed to labeling. She sees that people categorize each other based on physical appearance. Furthermore, the author believes that society should not get caught up in their preconceived notions they have of a particular group of people because she is walking proof stereotypes are inaccurate and problematic. She understands the normalization of stereotypes, as she has become used to it throughout her life, and wishes that society could look past external attributes. As everyone is dissimilar, the author is aware that the differences we all have, are not as contrasting as it is believed. Moreover, she deems that even though we are all unique because of our background, appearance, and ethnicity, we are all humans and we all live in this world together. She states that she “if we do not learn how to accept each other and our own selves, who we think we are and who we really are will keep us confused.” In other words, the author believes that society seems to be so engrossed in our ethnicity that as a result, will end up blinding people from the diverse possibility of a multicultural
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