The Samurai

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The Samurai
Did you know that 10 percent of japan was samurai. First, samurai were used to protect their country. Second, The samurai changed over time because the samurai evolved with their weapons. Third, The samurai had an impact on society by originally protecting Medieval Japan but the led to its downfall. The samurai were important for the development of Medieval Japan because of these reasons.
First, the Samurai were fierce fighting warriors. The Japanese samurais were used for fighting from 1603 to 1867. The samurai strongly believed in Confucianism but also practiced Zen Buddhism. Minamoto Yoritomo Started a military government in 1192 and the samurai ruled the army for the next 625 years. The Samurai became a big part of Medieval
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The samurai gradually developed in Japan in 646 A.D. In the early 900’s the emperors of the Heian Era lost control of Rural Japan and Japan revolted. This caused the emperor to gradually only rule the capital. Then the samurai came a filled the gap in power left by the emperor. After years of fighting the samurai gained control of both the military and the political power by 1100. Minamoto established the Kamakura Shogunate and it lasted until the year 1333. Their fighting improved because for example in the late 1200’s the Mongols invaded Japan and after many years of fighting the samurai finally defeated the Mongols. In the year 1460 the daimyos, a group of samurai, were disobeying the shoguns. This led to a decade long war called the Onin War. In 1868 there was a revolution called Meiji Restoration, symbolized the beginning of the end of the samurai. According to ThoughtCo “In 1868, the Meiji Restoration signaled the beginning of the end for the…show more content…
The Japanese samurai originally helped Japan protect itself by protecting Japan from the Mongols and eventually beating them in a long war. Then they were trusted to protect their own town and succeeded but then the samurai started fighting over who gets control and then the use of samurai slowly decreased. In the beginning the samurai made the world a better place but, then made the world a worse place because they kept on fighting about who get all the power. This conflict eventually led to the Onin War. According to ThoughtCo, By 1460, the daimyos were ignoring orders from the shogun and backing different successors to the imperial throne. In conclusion, samurai were important to Medieval Japan. They were important because, First the samurai were used for protection. Second, The samurai evolved as their weapons did. Third, the samurai helped the Japanese protect themselves but then led to Medieval Japan’s
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