The Sanctuary Of School Lynda Barry Summary

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In the American society, it seems two of the things that are mentioned the most are money and education. What most of us do not think about is the correlation of economics to education. Economics has a big effect on our expectations of educational environments over time. It seems that more and more money is going into schools but nothing is changing in them. Schools are still cutting out electives and still can’t afford some of the basic things that students should have in their learning environment. Lynda Barry in her article The Sanctuary of School talks about how for some kids their school is their safe haven. She shows how valuable extracurricular activities and after school programs are when she says,” Before and after school programs are cut and we are told that public school are not made for baby-sitting children. If parents are neglectful temporarily or permanently, for whatever reason, it’s certainly sad, but their unlucky children must fend for themselves. (Barry 724-725) There are children in our communities that depend on the school to keep them safe and to offer protection when their parents are unable to do that but the schools are…show more content…
Brent Staples is speaking about colleges around the country and how the standards that they hold the students to are changing. He believes that students these days are not earning grades as much as they are demanding them. Brent in his article is comparing how students from the past would take the grade that they were given because in that time the teacher was right in their decisions but now, because students pay so much for school they think they should automatically get a good grade. In his article he states, “Twenty years ago, students grumbled, then lived with the grades they were given. Today, colleges of every stature permit them to appeal low grades through deans or permanent boards of inquiry.”(Staples
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