The Sandy Hook Massacre

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A teacher’s son, clad in black and carrying two 9mm pistols rampaged through a Connecticut elementary school, killing 20 small children and six adults, a tragedy President Obama said had “broken the hearts of America” (Williams).” Many people believe that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was planned because of the odd demeanor of the parents or victim, Emilie Parker, the medical personnel who were turned away from the scene, why care flight helicopters were never requested, and questions concerning the validity of the medical examiner. This tragic event was not at all planned because all of these questions can be reasonably answered. One of the reasons people question the tragedy of the Sandy Hook massacre is because of the strange…show more content…
“Oddly enough medical personnel were forced to set up their operation, not at the school where the dead and injured lay, but rather at the fire station several hundred feet away. This flies in the face of standard medical operating procedure where personnel are stimulated as close to the scene as possible (Tracy).” The reason for this could be that this situation was so severe. These victims were shot between three and 11 times at a relatively close range. It would have been nearly impossible for six year old children to survive that much impact. There was so much going on during this tragic situation that it became more of a recovery mission. “There is no doubt that the school had ample room to accommodate such personnel. Yet medical responders who rushed to sandy hook elementary school upon receiving word of the tragedy were denied entry to the school and forced to set up primary and secondary triages off school grounds and wait for the injured to be brought to them (Tracy).” This makes sense because the majority of the victims were dead upon arrival. There was an outrageous amount of concerned parents and interested news crews surrounding the elementary school campus, moving the paramedics to the fire station gave them an area that was cleared and much more convenient for…show more content…
“A life star helicopter is a critical care helicopter service that responds to and provides air transport for a variety of patients who require care at a tertiary care facility (West).” There were so many people and vehicles surrounding the area that attempting to land a helicopter at the scene and trying to transport patients would have been an absolute disaster. “Why was it not used at sandy hook? Basically because it was much more sensible to transport people in an ambulance. There were actually not very many injured (West).” There was no reason to transport these people by helicopter when ambulances were already on scene and addressing the few that were injured. The most sensible way to handle this situation was to just use the ambulances. “The injured were transported by ambulance to Danbury Hospital. Just 11.4 miles away by road, straight down a freeway, accessible in less than 14 minutes (West).” If the hospital was that close to the school more time would have been wasted by calling in a life star helicopter. The first responders handled this situation in the best way that they could by transporting the victims by ambulance. “Ambulances were already there. Using an ambulance minimizes the movement of the patient calling for a helicopter would take more time. The ambulance was quicker and safer (West).” Medical personnel are given a very difficult job, to save people lives. In this difficult
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