The Santhal Culture In India

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ince ancient times, tribal groups have been a very prominent part of every country. In our own country, India, we see a lot of tribes. The third largest tribe in India is the Santhal tribe. They are mostly found in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Assam. Santhals belong to the Pre Aryan period. They were the great fighters during the British regime in India. Baba Tilka Majhi was the first Santhal leader who raised weapons against the Britishers in 1789. Santali culture is such that it had and has been attracting many scholars and anthropologists since centuries.

Beginning with their vivid language, Santhals speak Santhali, which belongs to the Austro- Asiatic language family. Santhals have their script called Olchiki. According to the census their population is around 49,000. They are generally bilingual. Apart from Santhali they also speak Bengali, Oriya and Hindi. They are identified by a long head and flat nose. Their complexion varies from dark brown to black in colour. Santhals usually have curly hair.

The livelihood of the Santhals revolves around the forests they live in. They fulfill their basic needs from the trees and plants of the forests. Apart from this they are also engage in the hunting, fishing and cultivation for their livelihood. Santhals are very talented and use their skills to in making musical equipments, mats and baskets out of plants which is taught to each generation.
In the context of religion, Santhals have no temples
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