The Santorini Explosion Of 1650 BC

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I think the Santorini eruption of 1650 BC had the greatest impact on world history. Before the eruption two civilizations dominated the Mediterranean: the Minoans and the Mycenaeans (who would later become the Greeks). The Minoan empire was the most advanced civilization of their time. They had running cold and hot water, indoor plumbing, and they had a powerful navy. They spoke a language that we are still unable to understand. The Santorini eruption brought the downfall of the Minoan empire thus allowing the Mycenaeans to develop and grow into the Greeks. Without the eruption destroying the Minoan empire they would have most likely grown and became similar to that of the Greeks in obtaining world domination. Our modern-day language, culture,…show more content…
This is important to understand so that we may respect the power and destruction of volcanoes. Powerful civilizations have fallen because of volcanic eruptions and the entire world can be impacted because of a single eruption. Volcanoes can erupt with more power then any human made bomb and can send an array of dangerous hazards down its slopes. It is ironic that mankind knows all of the risks that come with living by a volcano, not only because of scientific research but also because of past volcanic eruptions, and yet people continue to build houses near or next to volcanoes. Volcanoes offer a lot of benefits to society. Volcanoes have some of the most fertile soil on earth and also create the breathtaking backdrop to some of the most beautiful parts of the earth. I would like to learn more about how volcanic eruptions have had an impact on human history. I could do this by doing research on the internet of various volcanic eruptions throughout the history of mankind. Volcanoes not only shape and create the earth but they also shape and create human history. My date was surprised about how important the volcanic eruption of Santorini was. She did not realize the impact that volcanic eruptions have on history history. We did not have any disagreements, rather we mostly discussed the impacts of various eruptions from the cases studies with an emphasis on Santorini. My date stated that volcanoes not only destroy but they also create. Volcanic eruptions may destroy empires such as the Minoans but they also create the opportunity for new empires to rise such as the Greeks, the Romans and modern-day Western Civilization. I found her comment and outlook on natural disasters very interesting. My date was surprised by how powerful volcanoes are. She thought that all volcanoes erupted the same (the Hawaiian eruption). She was surprised that lava is usually not the hazard that causes the most
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