The Savage Journey Into The Heart Of The American Dream Analysis

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“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold”. (page 3) This iconic line introduces people to 'The Savage Journey into the Heart of the american Dream”. During this narcotic filled journy shared by a writer and his attorney both on hard drugs. The author tells all types of emotional and physical damage the drugs do to the men while on their trip. Set in 1971 las vegas, nevada, the men journey out to write about the “Mint 400”. focusing on mainly “person v.s conflicts”, the author uses person versus person, self, society, and nature to eplain drug issues. The accessiblity of drugs during this time, and even now, are too easy to get. “Getting hold of the drugs…show more content…
“Indeed, there was a high consumption of drugs during this time” ( culture.html ) . Drug use was obviously very popular but wasn't accepted by all.when dealing with a person who abuses drugs, the substances will have obvious effects on the relationships of others. “They are just drinking and taking drugs in a way which upsets others.” ( carers/effectson_the_family/) . Drugs have different effects on everyone around you. Raoul duke in this case had seen a lot of self conflicts while taking drugs during the story. As the story progressed, Raoul Duke and his attorney's physical health started to deterierate because the narcotics they were taking. “ “Don't worry,” I said. “This man has a bad heart – Angina Pectoris. But we have the cure for it. Yes, right here.” (page 18). the author shows us in this line…show more content…
“its terrible! I gave her that cap before I realized she’s never even had a drink!” (page 114). Its was so rare that a person didn’t take drugs at this time , and the author shows us that in this line. With taking narcotics being so popular at this time, opinions about drugs weren’t usually expressed in a negative way. In the 1970’s it was very acceptable b7y peace encouragers to take physcodics, but wasn’t accepted by others. “ He’s probably a;; cracked up on speed”. “yeah, you should have given him some reds”. “ Reds wouldn’t help a pig like that.”( page 14). The author shows us how common drug use was by talking about the salesman possibly using drugs. Person vs. nature connects by recurring

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