The Savanna Biome

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The biome I found most interesting is the savanna biome. The savanna biome has a lot of animal life and it is very dry. There are many movies and documentaries based off of Africa and the savannas. That is why my paper will focus on this biome. Biomes are ecosystems that make up the Earth’s surface. Biomes are large communities of animals and plants. There is 10 types of biomes and each of them are unique. There all kinds of biomes such as grasslands, aquatic, and forests. All biomes are different. Some biomes are extremely cold, extremely hot, and rains often than usual. Without biomes us humans and our animals wouldn’t be in our correct environment and everything would be unbalanced. The biome I picked was a savanna. A savanna is located in multiple areas like Africa, South America, and Australia. A savanna is a grassland ecosystem. The word savanna comes from the Native American word for prairie or plains. A savanna features an open canopy. Since it has an open canopy it allows sunlight to reach the ground to support a layer consisting of grasses. It can also be found between a tropical forest and desert biome. A savanna isn’t very cold either. Savannas have two seasons, during the winter season it’s very wet and during the summer it’s very dry. Obviously it’s not a cold…show more content…
The animals are wild and have their own way of surviving in their community. One of the most common animal in a savanna is a Gazelle. A Gazelle is one of many antelope species. It is mostly found in deserts, grasslands, and savannas. They’re often seen in herds. This animal isn’t big at all, it stands at 2-3.5 ft. The Gazelle can easily digest plants and leaves. Since savannas are grasslands it’s not hard for a Gazelle to find something to eat. Gazelle’s are often known as swift animals because they run a sustained speed of 30 mph so they can run from their predator, the
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