The Scandal Of Volkswagen: Volkswagen's Influence Of Business Ethics

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The German based automotive company Volkswagen (VW) was recently involved in a scandal that went public in 2015 regarding the discrepancies in the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emission from the vehicles. This scandal was believed to be the biggest scandal of all times and have come in a critical moment of time when VW was declared the largest automaker in the world for the first season of 2015. Thus it is affirmative that Volkswagen was involved in evaluating business ethics in their organisational practice. This considered paper would discuss the importance of business ethics for Volkswagen and the relevant consequences of the scandal.
The Scandal – Ethical lesson
The scandal of Volkswagen was by far the biggest of many scandals that automotive history has seen from the Pinto to the Toyota’s self-acceleration, GM’s ignition switches; but all have not impacted the public policy of ethics.
Diesel cars are very popular in Europe as compare to the America, due to the high standards of environmental tests. Diesel engines are more eco-friendly as compare to gasoline engines and Volkswagen is considered to be the beast in the industry. The company installed a faulty device that could reduce the torque and the emission of NOx.
Due to this cheating by the Volkswagen; drivers are paying more for the gas as compared to the advertisement of fuel-economy and also releasing dangerous chemical in the environment (Schiermeier, 2015).
The fallout of the recent scandal would cost Volkswagen
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