Scarecrow Monologue

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In the town of Smallville there was this girl named Lucy. she lived by an apple farm and in this apple farm was a scarecrow the scarecrow was big. Every night at midnight this scarecrow came alive and wound snatch the kids of Smallville out of their beds and hide them in a condemned building under night at midnight Lucy was sleeping in her room with her window open and she heard a noise outside she got out of bed and ran to her window to shut it after she shut it she looked out of it and seen a scarecrow walking around. She wanted to scream but when she opened her mouth to scream nothing came out. she kept watching it after a while the scarecrow stopped at this boy's house the boy's name is Jacob. the scarecrow stuck his hand in…show more content…
Lucy shivered in fright she shut the curtains to her window and run back to her bed. She hid under the covers for about an hour after that she kept hearing the boom of the scarecrow's feet on the pavement outside. she finally got back to sleep when she woke up she ran down stairs her mother and her friend was sitting on the couch her mother's friends name was Tiffany. Tiffany said Jacobs missing. the cops are trying to say that he ran away she continues to cry. Lucy says I saw what took Jacob last night from my window. It was that creepy scarecrow from the apple farm it grabbed him right out of his bed and stuffed him in a bag. Lucy's mother Kylee says to lucy there is no scarecrow coming alive it is impossible. you were just dreaming it you need to stop watching horror movies before you go to bed. But mom I wasn't watching horror movies last night said, Lucy. tiffany says there is no such thing as a scarecrow that comes to life. Kylee says I do not want to hear another word about it you hear me. Yes mom Lucy says Lucy goes to the kitchen grabs her jacket and puts on. She walks…show more content…
she realizes that that the sun is about to set. she starts heading home when she gets home she puts her jacket on the chair and heads up stares. she gets ready to go to bed after she is ready. she heads to bed and falls asleep around two in the morning she wakes up to the sound of thumping like someone stomping on pavement getting closer to her window suddenly it stops and there is something standing out side of her window the scarecrow opens it and grabs Lucy and shoves her in a bag Lucy screams but it does not wake up anyone. the scarecrow sprinkles sleeping dust around her head Lucy passes out. she wakes up a couple of hours later in a building the first thing she sees is Jacob. JACOB ARE YOU OK she yells Jacob says yeah I'm fine but what are you doing down here. I don't know I was snatched out of my bed but I know one thing we need to get out of here now. Lucy says she looks around for a window she finds one but it is high. she sees some boxes Jacob help me for a second Jacob and Lucy grab the boxes and puts them under the window. Lucy climbs to the top and tries to pry the bars off. lucy says i need something solid to get these bars
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