The Scarlet Ibis Character Sketch

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The story "The Scarlet Ibis" was written by James Hurst. The short story is about a boy with an invalid little brother named Doodle. In the beginning, the narrator hated his brother and thought of killing him because he could not do much. By the end, he had gained lots of love for Doodle and taught him many things like learning how to walk. The character Doodle can best be described as a creative and loyal person. He is creative because during a time with family, he told this made-up story about Peter and the peacock. For example, when Doodle was eating "His favorite lie was about a boy named Peter who had a pet peacock with a ten-foot tail" he felt happy. This shows that Doodle has a very vast imagination and can really create a story. This is because he made that his favorite lie and added much detail so that it seemed believable. In addition, Doodle described the imaginary objects in a very detailed way "Peacock spread his magnificent tail." This reveals he was a very descriptive person. The reason why is that is the way he thought the characters should…show more content…
For example, when Doodle was with his brother "At times I was mean to Doodle. One day I took him up to the barn loft and showed him his casket" he felt upset. This shows that he was shown what his family believed he would end up in, but did not mention anything. This is because, although the narrator was mean to him at the loft, Doodle still loved him and wanted to stay by his side regardless. In addition, Doodle pleaded he does not leave him behind during the storm and began to cry. This reveals he was frightened and needed his brother beside him fighting the storm. The reason why is he was sad and was too exhausted to continue on the journey. Being creative and loyal is important to the story because this reveals the type of character he is and leads the following events into place in the
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