The Scarlet Ibis Doodle Character Analysis

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In “The Scarlet Ibis” one of the most important characters was the brother of Doodle. He is also the one telling the story. He is really important to the story because in a way he shaped Doodles personality. He took care of Doodle, pushed him to walk and killed doodle. He is very determined, somewhat careless, and selfish. The narrator is is very determined to help Doodle walk. He can’t drag doodle around everywhere. This gives brother the idea to teach doodle to walk. At first doodle doesn't think he can do it. Brother convinces him because he is determined to teach doodle to walk and have a mostly “normal life”. On page 419 brother says “‘I'm going to teach you to walk, Doodle,’” Doodle argues that everyone says that he will never be able
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