The Scarlet Ibis Red Symbol Analysis

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In the story " The Scarlet Ibis" James Hurst shows images of red and expresses that every choice we make has a consequence and its either good or bad. The first place he shows images of red is when doodle and brother went up to the barn loft and saw the coffin. "Daddy had Mr. Heath, the carpenter, build a little mahogany coffin for him". Mahogany is a shade of reddish brown. It shows how death can change the mood of the story. Another spot he shows images of red is when Brother is working Doodle too hard and he stopped on the ground and curled up. "He had been bleeding from the mouth, and his neck and the front of his shirt were stained brilliant red". This image express how doodle was dying and suffering. In conclusion, Hurst explains how
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