The Scarlet Ibis Selfish Analysis

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Selfish In “The Scarlet Ibis” James Hurst shows that brother’s selfishness characterization that means sometimes can lead people to death, if you become selfish. Brother left Doodle away because Doodle talks to other people. But when Brother comes back to find him, he becomes very scared. “He didn't answer, so i placed my hand on his forehead and lifted his head. Limply,he fell backwards on to the earth. He had been bleeding from the mouth, and his neck and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant read.(15)” The word “He didn't answer” implies that when Brother comes back to find Doodle and asks him to wake up, but Doodle never answers him. And the words “bleeding from his mouth” emphasizes that Brother is guilty. He makes Doodle die.
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