The Scarlet Ibis Short Story Analysis

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One can say that all the five elements of the short story are complementary. However, with no characterization, a short story will be missing a core element that greatly impacts the rest of the four elements. Every element defines a different side for the beauty of the story and the way the poet thought about it, because all the five element are forming the events of the story. The characters is the main element in the sort story that makes a sane meaning to the reader, which describes the character’s intentions and the way of thinking about everything around it, wither its people or atmosphere or a deep thinking or even a supernatural event around it. What happen in “the tell-tale heart” to the main characters which is the servant (narrator) of the old man, he was disapproving of being mad but this is not true because he is mad. He loved the old man, because he didn’t insult him and for his gold he had no desire for. But, he was fanaticizing the eye of the old man as an evil eye as it makes him wavering from inside when he looks at it, despite the nice treating from the old man to the servant, he insisted to kill him. In “the scarlet ibis” the main character which is the brother with no mentioning his name made a huge impact in many ways, he made an impact to doodle’s life when he taught him how to walk and that effected his life very much in a positive way, because that made him see the life from a different point of view. The other impact when he

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