The Scarlet Ibis Symbol Analysis

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The symbol that best represents doodle in ”The Scarlet Ibis” is I think is love and compassion which is also the Scarlet Ibis. I think that it is compassion because he has love and compassion towards the things that he does and towards his family because he had love for the bird. For my first example I have. “Brother, Brother, don’t leave me!”” (Hurst 132) I put this example because he loved his brother and he didn't want him to leave him in the storm by himself and he was scared and loved his brother and wanted him to comfort him on the way back to there house. “Doodle remained kneeling. “I’m going to bury him.” “ (Hurst 137) In this example that I put it shows that William had compassion towards the dead bird and he cared for it so

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