The Scarlet Ibis Theme Of Death

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In “The Scarlet Ibis,” by James Hurst, the story is more about death than life. The author says that, “ Everybody thought he was going to die- everybody except Aunt Nicey, who delivered him.” This happens in the story when Doodle is finally going to be born,but he’s born premature and has a bad heart. This proves ______the story is about death______________ because. The author says that, “Doodle! Doodle! I cried, shaking him, but there no answer but the ropey rain. He lay very awkwardly, with his head thrown far back, making his vermilion neck appear unusually long and slim. His legs, bent sharply at the knees, never seemed so fragile, so thin.” This happens in the story when Doodle died after his brother made him run and his body gave up
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