The Scholarship Jacket

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Can you imagine what's it's like wanting something really bad? Martha appears on 'The Scholarship Jacket' and Victor appears on 'Seventh grade.' Martha is a very smart girl who want a scholarship jacket because she had the best grades in her school. Victor is a 7th grader who is starting seventh grade, he also likes a girl. Well, Martha and Victor can understand you. The both wanted something really badly, something so badly that they did some crazy things to achieve, also they have some similarities. You'll understand when you are reading this essay. They also have this common: Victor and Martha know something that affects the problem. For example, Victor had heard that he's crush, Teresa, was taking French classes. He then decided to take French to have the same class with her. At the end, he ended up looking like a…show more content…
Martha had Mr. Schmidt helps her by arguing with Mr. Boone because he didn't agree with the terms they had given her and he didn't agree that just because Joan's dad owned the only store in the area, she was American and her dad gave a generous amount of money to the school. Martha had the best grades since they started giving grades and Joan's grades didn't begin to compare to Martha's grades. Victor didn't know French, but that he had no interest in learning. He wanted to have another class with Teresa. Victor then said that he knew French, he was caught up in a lie so than the French teacher pretended that Victor did know French so he would look good with Teresa. Another thing is, Victor and Martha want something but it's different from one another. Like Victor wanted Teresa to like him back because he didn't know if she liked him back. He's also starting 7th grade and likes Teresa a lot. Martha though, she wanted a jacket that was hard to get because of the requirements of having the highest grades. And to count that her older sister had the jacket and she was expected to have it as
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