The Scholarship Jacket Short Story

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Marta Salinas’ realistic fiction story “The scholarship Jacket”, takes place at a small school in Texas. Martha, a straight A plus student, was finally in 8th grade, her year to receive the valedictorian jacket. There are many troubles leading up to Martha receiving the jacket, such as the teachers changing the policy to make her pay $15. This changed the meaning of the jacket because it was no longer a reward. Marta Salinas created the theme that hard work pays off, she displays this theme by showing how Martha feels with point of view, and foreshadowing.
The characters in the story “The Scholarship Jacket” show that hard work pays off. Because Martha cannot participate in school sports, academics are her strong spot and only chance to receive
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The foreshadowing in the story shows there was a hard decision to make between the teachers, in order for Martha to get the jacket. An example of this in the text is, “ I was almost back at my classroom door when I heard voices raised in anger as if in some sort of argument. I stopped. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I just hesitated, not knowing what to do” (107). The arguing between the teachers shows that there is going to be an issue with her receiving the jacket. The author chose to use this craft element because it creates suspense for the reader. The suspense in this foreshadowing leads to the problem of the teachers making her pay for the jacket. Another element the author used was point of view to show how much the jacket meant to Martha. In the story it says, “ “I went home very sad and cried into my pillow that night so grandmother wouldn’t hear me. It seemed like a cruel coincidence that I had overheard that conversation” (108). This quote is noteworthy because the point of view, first person, shows how Martha feels about getting the jacket. If this was written in third person, the reader might not understand how much the jacket truly means to her. This piece from the text shows that Martha was very upset about hearing she might not receive the jacket. These craft elements used by the author not only show the
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