Character Analysis: The Schopenhauer Cure

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Group Process learned from reading The Schopenhauer Cure Groups: A Fragile Ecosystem In order to interpret skills presented in The Schopenhauer Cure, it is important to understand the various techniques and speaking methods of protagonist Julius Hertzfeld. It appears Julius views the group as an ecosystem, an organized structure consisting of parts, similar to the systems of the human body. The main conflict explored within this book is the introduction of Philip into the delicate structure of a fully functioning mature group in the end-middle phase transforming to ending phase. This thought process is comparable to the human body being introduced to bacteria and subsequent antibiotic. Upon inspection, the quandary materializes: Was Philip the bacteria? Or, was he the antibiotic?…show more content…
This story illustrates a group entering and functioning in the ending stage just as a human would be moving towards death, and in this case, subsequent reincarnation. In this situation, the termination phase is united with the manifestation of new leadership under characters Philip and Tony. It appears this is the constant ebb and flow of social skills group
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