The Scopes Monkey Trial In The 1920's

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This is an essay about an unforgettable time in history, which was known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. The Scopes Monkey Trial occurred in the 1920’s. During this time period most people believed in fundamentalism. Their belief was so strong that they created a law prohibiting the teaching of it in public schools, the law was known as the Butler Act . There was a guy named John Scopes who was a school teacher who willingly broke the Butler Act and decided to teach evolution one day. He was one of those people who didn’t agree with it so he decided to test it. Due to him braking this law a spree of arguments broke out on a few things. The main points were about people’s different views on fundamentalism/ anit-evolution which soon followed a trial and after that left a legacy for many other to follow. Fundamentalism is a form of religion that uphold beliefs and strict literal interpretation of scripture. Like what was said in the introduction many people did not believe in evolution. Also it was looked down on by society. So when people realized that…show more content…
This trial is even used to support some debates to this day. Also whether Darrow or Bryan should have won or lost is a question that is asked by many debaters. Some say that the law is misunderstood by many. Other say that there is and exaggeration of what the trial actual achieved. The scopes monkey trial is and unforgettable trial that has is useful still to this day and its key points are still use in trials today.
This was a very important paper and it helped me get a glimpse of how life used to be. But it also is kind of how public school are today this day and I wonder if the Scopes Monkey trial had some kind of effect on that to this day. This essay discussed anti- evolution, The Scopes Monkey Trial and The legacy that it left. After typing this I honestly have a different outlook on evolution and fundamentalism and I hope you
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