The Scorch Trials Book Report

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The Scorch Trials is written by James Dashner. The setting starts at a dormitory, then moves to the desert, and after they go through a town. The main characters of this book are Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Newt, Brenda, Jorge, and Aris. The genre of this book is fiction. The book starts with Thomas waking up in a a dorm room while all the rest of the boys that were in the Maze with him are still asleep. Teresa is in another room across the hall. All of a sudden Teresa tells Thomas something in his head because they can speak telepathically to each other. She says that something’s wrong, after that Thomas and her can no longer speak telepathically. As soon as she stops talking Thomas is fully awake and so is everyone else. Everyone in the room is running from one window to another. Thomas gets up on his feet and runs over to the window, when he looks out the window (that has metal bars across it), he sees a bunch of people with bloody wounds. The people are screaming in the window. During all of this Minho tells Newt to break the door handle off and open the door. Newt beats the handle off and then opens the door. It is all dark out there until Minho turns on a light. They than see the people that had saved them from the Maze hanging from their necks by the celling. After they walk down the hall and find a room with a sign on it that said: Teresa…show more content…
They start heading North and find an abandoned truck and sleep. When Thomas and Brenda wake-up they find themselves surrounded by Cranks. The Cranks try to make them to talk but before they can the Gladers, Aris, and Jorge help them and escape. They start heading to the Safe Haven and meet Group B, the group who is supposed to kill Thomas. Teresa is with this group. The group takes Thomas up the mountain he was headed towards. The groups follow but not very fast because they were told not to
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