The Scots-Irish Journey

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U.S. development gave more chances to numerous individuals who wanted to make a difference in their lives. Many groups across the world traveled to America, and helped build up what many people in the U.S. see today. Two certain groups that will be discussed all through this paper are individuals from Mexico and the Scotch-Irish. Each of the inspiring groups has motives to leave their country for changes that could affect how they live forever. Different points will also be talked about between the two incoming immigrant states as they experience many obstacles coming and being in America. Scotch-Irish and Latin Americans, both faced needs for a better life by moving to the United States only because of the circumstances that had occurred in their homeland. Scots-Irish left Ulster, which was their homeland, for different purposes. Religious persecution and economic factors were reasons that pushed them away, which according to The Scots-Irish Journey to the New World, “…Between 1714 and 1719 Ulster suffered a succession of bad harvests and by 1718 the linen industry was also in recession” (“The Scots-Irish Journey…”). As the Scotch Irish suffered…show more content…
Many industries opened up many opportunities to those for wished for labor. Even if that was a similarity between both groups, individuals in the Mexican region left because of the mass roughness rising all through their nation. Both groups knew if they didn’t go to America, they would just be putting their lives in a gamble. As Scotch-Irish journeyed to ports in the state of Boston, they overcame a harsh situation throughout the way. Mexicans also had problems as they headed towards their “Ellis Island” in the city of El Paso, as mentioned in the video. Both Scotch-Irish and Latin Americans took quite a while, such as months, to get to their
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