The Scottsboro Case: Is Victoria Price A Villain?

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In the Scottsboro case, Victoria Price declared that nine African-American boys had raped her. Which, later on, in the many trials, people soon find out that she was lying. A definition of the word villain is, “in a film, novel, or play a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot”. In my opinion, Victoria Price’s actions make her a villain according to this definition. Firstly, Victoria is the reason for starting the madness and chaos from the case because she lied to everybody that she had been raped. Secondly, Victoria convinced multiple of this lie, by having Ruby Bates, her own friend, lie about the story. Finally, Ms. Price was selfish enough to have nine boys killed, to save herself from going to jail. Victoria Price is selfish, a liar, a terrible friend and horrible person who started unneeded chaos. This is why Ms. Price is a villain in the Scottsboro case.…show more content…
Samuel L. Liebowitz, who was a hero and one of the innocent people in the case. In the 1930s, Samuel was known to be the greatest criminal lawyer. So he became the lawyer of the “9 Scottsboro boys” and he was trying to prove that they were not guilty. The reasoning for Samuel being a hero is because he saved nine innocent lives and helped in the push for more equality. Samuel had worked hard to prove the boys were not guilty. For example, he lost the first trial, but did not give up and he demanded a fair trial. Then, he lost again, but still did not give up and he demanded a fairer jury. Eventually, Samuel had freed four boys because of their injuries. Then, one by one the last five boys were freed from jail. Also, Samuel helped lead this country to see how bad racism actually was. So if the boys were not freed, people may not have realized how unequal our country was. These are all reasons why I believe Samuel is a
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