The Scottsboro Trial Thesis Statement

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Topic: Scottsboro Trials Sources: Remembering Scottsboro: The legacy of an infamous trial, The Trials of the Scottsboro boys, and Scottsboro and its legacy: The cases that challenged american legal and social justice. Thesis: The Scottsboro Trials were an important piece of history because it was a huge stepping stone of the civil rights movement and it showed the racial inequality in America which was then taken to the supreme court. (support statement) No crime in American history, produced as many trials, convictions, reversals and retrials as did the alleged gang rape of two white girls by nine black teenagers. (Supported Statement 2) If you were were alive or born between the times of 1931 through 1950 everything was “Contaminated” the air you breathed, the words you heard, the newspapers, no matter what it was during that time period you could not call America civilized. (supported statement 3) The Scottsboro trials opened a window on a time and place where the social norm weighed so heavily that the principles of law buckled and showed the injustice of America 's court system and America itself. (Conclusion) The Scottsboro trials in conclusion had the biggest effect on Americans Justice and Injustice history by having by the biggest crime case involving African Americans in U.S. history and showed the racial uncivilization during the time period of 1931 through 1950 and how the trial opened a window to the change of law in the justice system. During the
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