The Screwtape Letter Analysis

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The Screwtape Letters In the reading of “The Screwtape Letters” a devil’s advocate by the name of Screwtape advises his fellow nephew, Wormwood to sway a patient into wrong thinking and positioning. A great amount of critical thinking has me constantly trying to describe the forceful tactics of Screwtape and his very sly and cunning ways. While the book is primarily targeted to Christians, it can be read and interpreted differently by a wide range of people (in my opinion). The devil works in many different ways to try and achieve the ultimate goal of gaining another follower. Throughout this reading, I have selected three chapters that have caused me to think the most. Some elements of The Screwtape Letters can be applied to everyday life and cause you to be more cautious and self-aware. In a sense, I have learned to ask myself “why” on many different topics in the book. Delving deep into the text itself is a great way to understand what the author (C.S. Lewis) is trying to tell you. In this case, Lewis uses an abundance of irony to convey his thoughts through the Screwtape character. The first letter I am going to expand on is number twelve. In this letter, Screwtape…show more content…
Screwtape proves that God’s driving force is love from his people. The concept of Gods love being the only driving force for “the enemy” is non-comprehendible from a point of view from hell. They believe God has to certainly be up to something devious, but they have not discovered exactly what yet or if they ever will. At this point of the book, it is amusing to see all of the ways that Screwtape tries to affect the patient. Screwtape wants Wormwood to convince the patient to marry a woman in the neighborhood that would make it challenging for the patient to continue practicing Christianity. The patient at this point has very many paths he could take, but he still chooses the one that is faithful to his
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