The Sculptor's Funeral Analysis

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1. Discuss the effect of place in "The Sculptor’s Funeral." “The Sculptor’s Funeral” by Willa Cather revolves around the events that Henry Steavens witnessed when he attended his master’s funeral in a place filled with obscurities. In the short story, the effect of the place is shown by the town’s nature that is consumed with single minded people. The town has turned into drunks and corrupt people. Even the minister who has the responsibility of religion in the place has been transformed by the actual situation on the ground and has changed to become a hypocritical leader. Education is the only thing that can be used to change a place for the better for the entire society. The individuals in Harvey Merrick’s home are uneducated, and they do…show more content…
S. Eliot’s title “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ironic is that the woman he speaks of never responds to him anywhere in the poem. This makes it to be the realization of Alfred Prufrock’s loveless life. The failure and breakdown of communication from the other side tell about one aspect, which is the symbol of isolation among humans. The beginning of the poem seems like the speaker is talking to a woman whom he loves. It then turns out to be ironic and against normal expectations of the readers because there is the anticipation of something special to be spoken from the other party as well. Another piece of irony is toward the end of the poem when Prufrock shows his fear of death and becomes concerned with old age. Prufrock is talking to his friend as he narrates about the worries he undergoes because he is growing old and feeble (Eliot 371). The woman the speaker is referring to in a sense is not real because the presence of the woman is not there, which questions the legitimacy of the title for the poem. It can be the title is just pretending to more serious that it is since the monologue is what the character gives and sounds like a false love song. Ultimately, the irony of this title is that it is a love song that will never be sung, and that Prufrock will never voice to what his actual feelings
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