The Scythe Ray Bradbury Analysis

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Ray Bradbury is an American author who wrote from the mid 1930s to the early 2000s. He was a very influential author often writing about fantasy, horror, or mysteries. Bradbury would often write short stories and feature them in his tv series The Ray Bradbury Theater. When Bradbury was younger he would often enjoy the horror genre such as The Phantom of the Opera (1925); the books of L. Frank Baum and Edgar Rice Burroughs. This inspired a young bradbury to become an author. He would go on to make one of his more famous short stories known as “The Scythe”. Many people consider this a literary masterpiece.

“The Scythe” is a short story about a man and his journey on being the next reaper of souls. Bradbury often writes about death as if it is his favorite topic Bradbury works show man as hungering to know who he is and how he can achieve his full potential fearing growing old and dying, and being earnest in his quest for a way in which he can effectively deal with the problem of evil. "The Scythe" is based
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What man would do if he could control death. The saying written on side of the scythe was “He who wields me wields the world.”. Drew took this with no worries but the saying was true. The scythe was a weapon of death for the so called “Reaper”. When Drew became the reaper he was just an ordinary man. This has left people to wonder would you want your death to be another human with emotions and feelings. Could someone be a reaper of lifes and have feelings. Drew started to realise that the grain were people and that he could hear the terrifying screams of them for Drew to stop and don’t kill them. He frantically rushes to his wife and tells her they need to leave. Then he takes a look at the scythe and he gets sucked back into to being the reaper. The scythe almost has a way of controlling Drew. It makes him yearn to pick up the scythe and cut grain as if he can never escape from the
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