The Sea Inside Ramon Sampedro Analysis

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The Sea Inside is the heartbreaking tale of a man who wants nothing more than to die. Ramon Sampedro (Javier Bardem), a man who has been paralyzed from the neck down for the last 26 years, struggles with basic tasks every day and has lost the desire to live. He desires death as an end to his never-ending struggle. He partners with a lawyer, Julia (Belen Rueda), who has a degenerative disease that will eventually put her in a state similar to his, in an effort to legalize his right to die. The sea inside is the tale of just one man, but it brings up a question which can apply to many others in similar situations; should one suffering from paralysis or any other terminal illnesses have the right to die peacefully through euthanasia, or should he be forced to continue to suffer in his current situation?
Dreams are some of the strongest motivators to exist. Once one discovers that his dreams are suddenly impossible, life becomes a lot less meaningful. Before his paralysis, Ramon worked as a mechanic on a
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Ramon has laid in the same bed, in the same house, for over 26 years, unable to move anything below his neck. Although he has invented things such as a computer and a writing pad, which he uses his mouth to operate, his life is still very limited and is often miserable. He needs assistance with many basic tasks, such as changing clothes, eating food, and going to the bathroom. Although Ramon survived the fall, he feels that the life he now has is not worth living and is not really a life at all. Five feet is a distance that for many is easily crossed, but for Ramon, those same five feet become an impossible journey. The film shows the viewers Ramon’s struggles in an attempt to cause them to sympathise with Ramon and understand the difficulties he, as well as many others, face every day. If one makes the conscious decision to die by euthanasia to end his suffering, why stop
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