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Science: The sea lion is a sea mammal its scientific name is Zalophus californianus and it lives around several parts of the world and has over seven species and one extinct and they are the California Sea Lion, Steller Sea Lion, Australian Sea Lion, Galapagos Sea Lion, New Zealand Sea Lion, South American Sea Lion, and the Japanese Sea Lion which went extinct due to WWII. The Sea Lion belongs into the Kingdom of animalia, Phylum: chordata, Class: mammalia, Order: carnivora, Family: otariidae, Genus: Zalophus, Species: pinnipeds. Where Sea Lions are found almost across the world they live in places like California, Australia, the Galapagos islands, New Zealand, and South America. Sea Lions have diets of northern anchovy, market squid, sardines,…show more content…
During the late 1800s Sea Lions were hunted for their skins and meat which led to Sea Lions population to decrease dramatically then a law came out during the early 1900s to limit harvest of these animals so that they don 't become extinct. During the early years of the 1900s Japanese were killing Japanese Sea Lions for their meat to prevent starvation and used their blubber for oil to light their lamps and whiskers used for cleaning material in which their population was already low ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 then in which started leading to their endangerment and ultimately their extinction which came around the early 1950s which they presumed extinct after WWII due to the radiation the bombs gave off when the U.S dropped bombs on Japan. Going back to the sea lions ancestors it goes back to 32 million years ago and shows that Sea Lions were smaller in size like a sea otter and over those millions of years it 's gotten bigger and was close to a Walrus and was similar size but then later shrink down to the normal Sea Lion size we have today over the millions of years. Going through the Sea Lion species the steller Sea Lion during 1977 Steller Sea Lions where announced endangered due to a lot of the population suddenly disappearing to mysterious

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