The Sea Of Monsters Character Analysis

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Valerie Lammers 3rd hour What is valued in different societies, depends on what traits someone has, that the people of that society think affect them in a positive way, and deserve be valued. Some societies may like their heroes to be humble and brave, while another society may dislike arrogance and disloyalty, it just depends on the time period of that society. What might be valued in one society, might not be valued in another because people in different time periods valued different things. Rick Riordan’s text, The Sea of Monsters, demonstrates that gender equality and humility are valued in the 21st century, whereas in “The Odyssey” by Homer, the text demonstrates that arrogance and disloyalty were not valued in ancient Greece. The first example that shows gender equality is when Rick Riordan, the author of The Sea of Monsters, wrote the story so that Annabeth, another hero in the tale, was considered an important person in their society. Throughout the book, Annabeth used many of her good ideas to get herself and her friends out of danger. For example, Clarisse and Grover, two of Annabeth’s close friends, were taken by Polyphemus the man-eating cyclops, so Annabeth devised a plan to save them. She decided that a good plan would be to save her friends by using trickery. Using trickery would allow Percy, the main hero in The Sea of Monsters, to distract Polyphemus long enough, find Clarisse and Grover and they could escape the cave safely. Every time Polyphemus would

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