The Sea Wolf Character Analysis

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In the book, The Sea Wolf by Jack London, readers get to see how three different types of characters with different backgrounds developed into the person that they are at the end of the book because of their experiences while aboard the Ghost. Experiences shapes a person and makes them the person they are. This is possible because of nurture which influences a person’s actions, thoughts and words based on their surroundings and the people around them. This can be shown within the character development of Humphrey Van Weyden, Maud Brewster and Wolf Larsen. Humphrey Van Weyden is one of the three main characters of the book. He started off as a frighten man who was never introduced into the “world” of violence. That all changes once he finds…show more content…
The experiences with is brother Death and his experiences aboard the Ghost has shaped Wolf and made him the man that the readers know in the book. From the beginning, Wolf is introduced as a dangerous and cruel man who only seems to enjoy hurting others, this can be shown in the early chapters where it states, “They struck him with their fist, kicked him with their heavy shoes, knocked him...” (75). This describes a scene where Wolf and his first mate attack a defensive man over and over. This gave the readers a quick look at his personality as it can be inferred that Wolf Larsen is a cruel man. As the book goes on and Wolf starts to interact more with other characters, he changes more and more. In the middle of the book where Death Larsen is revealed to the crew, a different side of Wolf is revealed. Whenever Death would say something to Wolf, it seems to get on his nerves. This opened up a sensitive weaker side of Wolf as it can be inferred that Wolf is jealous of his brother and his carefree lifestyle which is just the opposite of his. As the book comes to an end, a change in Wolf happens. This can be shown when it states “...a moment’s amusement softening his features.” (146). This describes a action that Wolf did in response to something that Maud said to him. This something that the Wolf from the beginning of the book would have never done. But thanks to the people around him and his experiences, it happened. The character Wolf Larsen is a great example on how experiences shapes a person. The book, The Sea Wolf, is both an adventurous tale and a life experience by Jack London. It shows how experiences shapes a person. Throughout Sea Wolf, Humphrey, Maud and Wolf faced many new experiences while aboard the Ghost. With the help of Humphrey, Maud and Wolf, the readers are able to see how all of their experiences on the Ghost shapes them into the person
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