The Seabee Insignia

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SEABEE Insignia In the midst of World War II, a construction battalion was created to support the Navy and Marines. This battalion was created to build in certain location of the war zone. By March 5, 1942 the construction battalion was official named the "SEABEE" by the Navy Department. The SEABEE were experienced plumbers, electricians, machine operators trained to fight at any moment. (Frank J. Lafrate), an artist from Rhode Island created a logo named "the Fighting SEABEE". The picture of the Fighting SEABEE is a cartoonish bee in the Navy uniform. The first thing is a enlarge picture of a bee, which is a small insect but with a large number of bees can do major damage. The bee being the main focus, showing that bees work together as…show more content…
There is a weapon that he is holding in front of him. But the bee is also a trained fighter using his weapon to fight or defend them. This means that the bee is ready to fight at a moment’s notices. I think that Frank (creator) want to show that the Seabee defending himself is most important at the time of World War II. Also, show to the enemies that beware of that the SEABEE was going to protect themselves, if attacked. On the side of the SEABEE arms, are the ranks of the Navy Petty Officers. The more work that SEABEE is put in the higher the SEABEE rank is. The hands are full with tools like pipe ranch, and hammer. It shows the SEABEE can still do his job or they came to do a job regardless if they have to or not. Frank would to subtext the SEABEE motto "WE BUILD WE FIGHT".
Another thing, to do is take a step back and look. The angle of the SEABEE is tilt down to like going flying toward something. Frank made it seem like the SEABEE was swarming around ready to work or fight. Also, making the SEABEE coming to help another SEABEE. Furthermore, the context “CAN DO!” is invisible seals or approval stamp saying that the SEABEE can do anything and nothing is going to stop him. The “CAN DO!” is a war crying, if an order is giving out by the Navy Chiefs and Officers. Finally, I can relate to Frank J. Lafrate “The Fighting SEABEE”. The SEABEE and I have to be a worker and fight at any time. Also, be ready to protect and serve the people we
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