Arkadina In The Seagull

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The performance of “The Seagull” was interesting because there are different characters that portrayed as an actor to the audience. The Seagull play you notice some lines are being said in different tones, so you can capture the characters personality or the mood they are in during each scene. As the play began the scene presented is the second scene, the first character to appear is a man who got injured in the head going to the get it check at a small clinic. A young man name Treplev wants to become a famous writer.Try to impress his mother and everyone who doubts him. The injury was an excuse to spend time with his mother since he got hurt he can be cured, by his mother. Having a relationship so complicated, talk sweet to his mom and make…show more content…
When Treplev tries to share stories from the past with his mother. Arkana forgets who she was in the past than slowly remembers. Acting out sarcastic about the past story is remembering from her past, feeling sad for her son. That seems narrow-minded because Arkadina is a mother. She doesn’t care what she did the past, it only matters what she is going to do in the future with her new lover. Her son tries to say to her that, the man who makes her so happy is no good to her, and needs to focus on herself. That her lover, Trigorin is an honorable man and deserves to have respect. Treplev is furious at her mother's words screaming at her, instead of being at his side as her son. She decides to be on the side of her lover arguing that she is losing her pride in that man. Leading into both screaming at each other, turning their faces red. Going back and forth, hurting themselves, offending one another using their love of work. Treplev mentioning the horrible plays she started as an actress and her mother bringing up the fact that He can’t even write a simply written play that can become a…show more content…
The sound of frustration and mumble words because of their both crying, loss of breath. Saying that their both sorry and that their bond can be friends. Also, still trying to convince that their no reason for her son to fight her lover, instead to be friends with her lover because she want to leave peacefully with no worries. Treplev had no choice but to accept, just because is his mother's request. To perform the scene both characters have to address the situation of the characters. To understand what kind of relationship both characters have towards one another, that tells us want they want from each other. This relationship is base on a son and mother try to get along. The actress name Cendy, she takes the role of the mother Arkadina, try to figure out what doe the character want in this scene. In the line,”Sit down. You look as if you’re wearing a turban,”( page 36, line 6-7, The Seagull). This line she has to show embarrassment towards her son and have no affection towards him at all. Looking at her son is not even hers. The action she is taking is unwinding the bandage from her son head, looking at the injury. Show no importance or seriousness, needs to convince her son to accept her beloved Trigorin. An example for an actor to prepare is, “ So an actor must proceed, not by a multitude of details, but by those important units which, like signals, mark his channel and keep him in the right creative line,”(pg 2,
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