Knowledge In Frankenstein

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A teenage girl, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in the 18th century. Shelley combined the mysterious, gloomy and cloudy circumstances, a Gothic element with Romantic elements of visual imaginations, colorful, lively landscape descriptions and music and poetry recitals. Those two genres Gothicism and Romanticism Mary compiled in her work Frankenstein. Mary indicated to the society that the people have to pay full attention to their acquire knowledge in terms of scientific innovations and their implications. The people’s knowledge should be used wisely to avoid the catastrophes. However, the search of knowledge has been arduous, wisely use of knowledge brings blessings, while mishandling of knowledge can be a curse which can lead to the destructions.…show more content…
Shelley described Safie, De Lacey family and the Creature who blessed their lives with the achievement of the knowledge. Safie, daughter of a Turkish descendent father and Arabian mother blessed her life with the learning of the French language, history, manners and the lifestyle of De Lacey family. Felix, a devoted son of the De Lacey family, served as a civil servant in France. The France jurisdictional system punished Safie’s merchant father. Felix believed it was an unjust punishment, so he rescued a merchant from the death. Merchant returned his favor by agreeing to give his daughter’s hand to Felix. The De Lacey family, once well regarded as wealth and social position had been expelled from the France due to Felix’s interference in jurisdiction system. The family took shelter in Germany and lived in a small cottage. Safie searched for the Felix and arrived at De Lacey’s cottage. She was barely literate of history and French language. At the cottage, Safie learned French, performed her music, understand French music and gain knowledge of history, the daily lessons taught by the family, especially by Felix. “The discovery of the American hemisphere and wept over the hapless fate of the original inhabitants” (Frankenstein, 100). Safie’s entrancingly beautiful music and lively conversation wept away sadness from the family. Even old, blind father mentioned that Safie’s music, her association with family bestowed on him the greatest delight. “The days now passed as peaceably as before, with the sole alteration that joy had taken place of sadness” (Frankenstein, 99). On other hand, a monster also learned the language, secretly he listened Felix’s instructions to Safie. “She and I improved rapidly in the knowledge of a language that in two months I began to comprehend most of the words uttered by my protectors”
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