The Second Amendment: The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Do you think that greater gun control is a good idea? Maybe you’re aware but would you be willing to altercate to a certain extent to make sure your community feels protected? Perhaps you’re willing to get equal rights with gun laws , or just don’t like the idea of anyone being able to purchase and carry guns freely. Why carry a gun if eventually it will be used to innocent people, and for what? For your protection? You can protect yourself with other items that won’t kill anyone risking your safety. In all honesty, I think that only the US battle force should be allowed gun permits because they know what they’re doing, anyone that hunts should be certified and evaluated by the army. The second amendment is not an unlimited right to own guns. The second amendment states that there should and will be no possession of firearms for anyone with a felony and/or a mental illness. Yes, the second amendment protects individual gun ownership but is it not obvious that people should not sell firearms or weapons to anyone that seems challenged or incapable of keeping their community safe with a gun? Amendments of course make your liberty excessively known but it should not get…show more content…
Our nation really is getting less and less safe by the minute but as someone that lives here and recognizes the real problem, I do feel strongly about this and hope to soon make a change in the way other young people view our safety as a success and more as something that has to be addressed quickly. We can only do so much to help but we have to start off by making changes within ourselves and start caring more. No one deserves to live in fear due to their race or other people that make our world even more unstable. As citizens we have to bring together our support for this cause in order to really make America as great as it used to
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