The Second Indochina War: The Consequences Of The Vietnam War

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I. INTRODUCTION The Second Indochina War, which was known as Vietnam War, happened in the 20th century in cold war period. The war took place in Vietnam, which was the fighting between the North Vietnamese troops of North Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh supported by China and USSR against the South Vietnam that backed by the United States troops. The war was started from 1 November 1955 and ended on 30 April, 1975 when U.S withdrew their troops back to their country. In these 19 years, conflict had caused a huge impact on the involving states and the neighboring states. During the fight, both sides have use different technique and strategy to attack each other including US using chemical weapon that caused the lost of many lives and still strongly affected on people nowadays.
II. The Consequences After the war was finished, there were many things happened as the consequence of war that impacted on Vietnam, USA and the neighboring countries that involved. So, what were the impacts as a result of the war on the involving states?
2.1 Impact on Vietnam sides
2.1.1 Positive impacts The war was end as the government in Saigon had announced that South Vietnamese will unconditionally surrender to North Vietnamese force on April 30, 1975, so that day had become the reunification day of Vietnam. There are two main positive points that Vietnam had after the war. First is about the territory change. Based on the information above, it had shown that North and South had agreed to reunify,

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