The Second Industrial Revolution In The 1890's

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Section 1: The Second Industrial Revolution

Main Idea: Breakthrough steel caused booms in construction of railroads. Many advances and different uses of oil electricity to improve communication/ transportation and construction.

During the era of The Second Industrial Revolution many technologic advances have been made such advances eased the lives of the people in this era. In this era it was mostly distinguished an era of inventions and also Second Industrial Revolution is known for boom in steel production/ rapid growth of U.S manufacturing in the 1800’s

During the 1800’s through the mid 1890’s the United States became one of the world 's industrial leaders.
In the 1890’s there were many advances in technology but one of the most significant
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Alexander graham Bell patented the telephone. He was a Scottish-born speech teacher who studied the science of sound. Another invention created at the time of Second Industrial Revolution was the automobiles and the planes in 1876 there was a new invention called the engine which was powered by gasoline (fuel made from oil). And in 1893 charles and j. frank duryea used the engine to build the first motorcar. Wilbur and Orville Wright built a lightweight airplane that used a small, gas-powered engine.
New engine helped people transport to different places easier, helped make transportation possible and air flight. Wilbur and Orville Wright built a plane which used a small gas powered engine Orville Wright made the first piloted flight in gas powered plane in December 17. This new invention would increase demands for oil production and change the americans transportation in the future.
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In this era it talks about how a rebellious crowd goes on strike because of better wages and working conditions for all workers in a factory or industry so they decided to join the labor union. The first labor union was the Knights of Labor was founded in the 1870s. Another early labor (AFL), led by Samuel Gompers, unlike the Knights the AFL organized individual national unions, such as the mineworkers’ and steelworkers’ union. afl’s member were higher than knights of labor, had collective bargaining.

People went on labor strikes because wanted better chances they wanted more wage and less hours and safe environments. The Homestead strike took place at Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead steel factory in Pennsylvania. Another Strike was the Pullman Strike which stopped traffic on many railroad lines until federal courts ordered the workers to return to their jobs. Many strikes have taken place for better quality and conditions in workplaces the Andrew carnegie strike was when union members there protested a plan to buy new machinery and cut jobs.

Workers formed union and formed strikes because of the unsafe gear, equipment, low wages and high amount of
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