The Second Maching Age: Article Analysis

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Advancing Technologies Technology is advancing day-by-day to make people work easier and more efficient. Machines are used every day at home to in factories, from vacuuming in the house to the producing a car in the factory. The article, "Review: The Second Maching Age," by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, focuses on the benefits of the computer generated machines to the economy and humans and discusses about advantages of the computer processing due it 's "artificial intelligence, networked communication, and the digitization of just about everything ." Machines are capable of performing tasks more quickly and efficiently, produces higher quality goods and at a lower service price, and increases economical growth. Computer generated…show more content…
The example of "the age of Kodak" is given in the article to explain the increase of productivity at lower costs by machine. For example, a company given an order to make a certain amount of toys in a limited time period. Therefore, computer generated machines are programmed in a certain way that allows them to build a thousand of products in a certain time frame. All the machines work in the same manner, producing the same toy, at the same time, and with the same quality. However, if humans were to make these toys it would take longer time, requires more effort and energy, and increases cost more than machines as the longer the workers take the more salary the company has to pay. Computer generated machines increases economical growth. For example, no matter how many new machines come on the market and how efficient they work, but they are all operated by humans. Therefore, the more the new machines are developed the number of job growth increases and decrease in labor. The article explains how the machines will solve the problem of jobs because machines creates different kinds of work, which require people to learn how to program the machine. Learning to operate the machine will increase people 's education and will give them the opportunity to learn something new and a new

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