Character Analysis: The Secret Annex

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The Secret Annex Living within the secret annex wasn't the easiest thing to do. Secrets were kept, stories were told, things changed in the Frank's life and the Van Danns life. Not everyone got along well in the secret annex. There were limitations and restrictions they all had to follow. The rooms annex wasn't a huge house, they had to share lots of things. Many fears would show through all of the. They all had a fear living within the secret annex, whether it was at night or throughout the day. The crowded space was hard for the girls and boys, kids too. Not everyone has a perfect life when they grow up. When living in the secret annex, it wasn't easy. They had many limitations and restrictions. None of them were able to talk until 6pm in the afternoon. If they were to talk when they weren't suppose to they would get caught, and that was something they didn't want to happen, so they stayed quiet until they were able to talk. People working underneath would hear them talking if they were to talk when they weren't suppose to. Wearing shoes is a big limitations for them. Shoes…show more content…
She screamed one night almost giving them away. She had a horrible dream, they came to get her and took her away. Fear was common with each and every single person in the secret annex. Noise on the streets made everyone scared and horrified. Being found was one of the most common fear for all of them. They didn't want to be found, ever. Anne was terrified each night having dreams something bad was going to happen to them. They knew where they were hiding was a good place to be. They didn't think too much was going to go wrong until the burglar gave them away. The break in gave them away. Before they got their news from Meip and the radio. Meip tried to come up daily and tell them good or bad things that has happen or that was going to happen. They all knew when Miep was coming and they were all so happy to see her each day that they

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